And King David danced before the Lord with ALL his might because The Ark of the Covenant had been brought home. The Presence of God was BACK!!!

Prophetess Miriam led the people into a victory dance after they had crossed through the Red Sea. It is important to observe that she was in her role as a worship leader.

The Alpha and Omega Praise Team have travelled on missions near and far proclaiming Jesus in “songs”, psalms and hymns. “Ministering to the poor in spirit, the blind, the broken hearted and those held captive, we proclaim the gospel.” bringing about the salvation of our Lord. We have come back with testimonies of deliverance.

Many of the songs that we sing are written by
members of the Team and impact the lives of people because they are based on the word of God. He says that HIS Word cannot return onto himself empty but will prosper in every activity where He sends it.

The Team have regular bookings for many events outside of church activities. If you would like to book the team for an event please contact the Music Director or the Church Office.


When there was no existing choir, prophetic men and women of God spoke those things that be not as though they were and the Choir was formed.

As a gift to Bishop Errol Campbell and First Lady Noreen Campbell in October 2004, we sang as a choir in thanks to God for their lives. The Choir had a tremendous impact, they soon found themselves called to mission on foreign shores and they also had bookings in the UK!

The choir minister at all Alpha’s major events and continue to bless and be a blessing.

The Choir is available for bookings, contact should be made via the Church Office
on 07410 938875