Nurturing & Development Class

Pastor Michael Phillips

The Vision of the Nurturing classes

To see the fulfilment of the fruits of the spirit, Christ within
being personified by every believer.

Transforming spirit, soul and body by the renewing of the
mind to be come a true witness of the Gospel of the Kingdom
of Jesus Christ

Nurturing Classes

Objective of conversion classes

To destroy the ignorance of the world’s teaching on the origin of man through the word of God.

To declare that the authority on life skills and abilities comes through the word of God.

To declare man’s existence and purpose is expressed through his gifting, calling and talents given
by God.

To bring understanding that we all interconnect for the bigger picture, to support and encouraging
each other.

To enlighten each person that their potential has no limit because it is in God we trust and not self.

To encourage each person that each class and lessons learnt are for life application to bring a transformation for conversion to be a child of God.

Mission statement of Nurturing & Development Class

Aim of conversion classes