Nurturing & Development Class

Pastor Michael Phillips

The Vision of the Nurturing classes

To see the fulfilment of the fruits of the spirit, Christ within
being personified by every believer.

Transforming spirit, soul and body by the renewing of the
mind to be come a true witness of the Gospel of the Kingdom
of Jesus Christ

Nurturing Classes

Aim of conversion classes

To see a transformation of everyone who attends each class to be a new creation align to
Biblical principles.

To ensure each person has and builds a relationship with their heavenly Father in fellowship
through the teaching of the word of God.

To equip all who attend the classes with the desire and passion for God in the hope of

To give room for the Holy Spirit of God to empower all with the revelation of His word.

To encourage all that through the learning of God’s word a solid prayer life will be formed,
praying God’s word.

To enlighten all who attend a class that Jesus Christ is the only access into God’s Kingdom.

Mission statement of Nurturing & Development Class

Objective of conversion classes