One night thirty years ago, the Lord visited me
in a dream. I saw people of all colours, ages, and races, hungry and lost to the gospel. I believe God was preparing me then, for what He wanted me to do.

Five years into the ministry of Alpha & Omega, and by God’s divine appointment, I met Pastor Tony Purchase; now sadly deceased. He was so gifted and spoke many languages. With his love for people of all cultures we stepped into our calling and the World Mission was established in 1998, where we visited Zambia and Kenya. Whilst there we conducted several crusades, preached the gospel, and witnessed the tremendous move of God’s Spirit, as thousands of people accepted the good news, received deliverance and were set free from demonic spirits.


A seven year old girl who was crippled from birth stood up and walked; a woman who gave her soul to witchcraft was completely delivered and set free by the power of God. A witch doctor who had a crippled hand gave his life to Jesus and he was healed instantly. There was a move of God over the people and many miracles took place.

By the grace of God, and through the support of donations and fund raising, we were able to continue the world mission, and conducted crusades in Kenya and Zambia, every year.

Our love for world mission took us to India, the Philippines, South Africa, Jamaica, St Kitts, USA and other countries. Everywhere the Lord lead us, we experienced favour and the power of the Holy Spirit.