Nicola M'Panzu

Saturday 25th

Pastor Nicola M’Panzu has served as the lead Worship Minister in her local assembly Alpha and Omega for over 16 years. She is wife to Serge and mother to 3 beautiful girls Shiloh, Zion and Jordan. A Prophetic Psalmist who preaches, teaches, song writes, sings, writes, and hosts a syndicated radio show and so much more.

Nicola is a certified Christian Counsellor. Nicola, has been blessed with opportunities to exercise her gift by bringing people into the understanding of the presence of God and purpose. She has had the opportunities to speak/sing the cross cultural language of worship from Africa, the Caribbean, North America and Europe.

Nicola has a heart for the diamonds in the rough and it’s her heart’s desire to see the broken made whole, the blind to see and the captives set free. She loves to have
a laugh but takes the things/movement of God seriously. “With everyday that comes I’m still amazed at God’s love and in return all I can do is surrender and say use me”.