Marva Bell

Thursday 23rd

Pastor Marva Bell is a mighty woman of God who has experienced miraculous encounters with the Lord. Her aim is to move in the gifts of the Spirit and is
passionate for God’s people to receive healing, deliverance and rise up in their calling.

In 2006, an encounter with God in a hotel room confirmed her role in the body of Christ as a Mother in Zion - like the Prophetess Deborah. In this encounter God emblazoned Judges 5:7 into her heart, “Village life in Israel ceased, ceased until I, Deborah, arose; arose a mother in Israel.” She has been running with this call ever since and encourages women to rise up and fight the good fight of faith too.

Pastor Marva is married to Pastor Alton and they have three sons, as well as three children they raised alongside their own. She assists her husband at their fellowship, Wembley Family Church, in Sudbury.
Pastor Marva is a qualified counsellor and she has preached the gospel in Turkey, Kenya and Jamaica.